Stephanie is a lovely person and very skilled at her craft. She played a key role in my successful home birth, and I feel so lucky to have connected with her. 

I called Stephanie and left a message about 30 hours after my water broke. This was my first pregnancy, and with no sign of labor (other than the broken waters), I was growing increasingly concerned and anxious that labor would not start on its own, and I would have to abandon plans for a home birth. Stephanie returned my call right away, and said she could come to me later that morning. I was so grateful for her quick reply and willingness to accommodate on such short notice. 

Stephanie arrived right on time, around noon, and made me feel immediately comfortable. As she gave the acupuncture treatment, Stephanie asked gentle questions about me, my pregnancy, family, and any concerns I had. Her questions were wise and the conversation, in combination with the skillful application of acupuncture, was incredibly effective for me; my labor started a few hours later, and our baby was born just before 11pm that night! 

I feel so fortunate that Stephanie is a part of our birth story and I strongly recommend her without reservation.


Stephanie is phenomenal. I'd had a c-section scar that just felt odd and itchy and never quite right. I went to Stephanie and she did a combination of acupuncture and moxibustion and I got all of my feeling back immediately. It was truly amazing. She's also just a lovely, kind, patient person who is generous with her knowledge.  I am pregnant with my second child now and my midwife remarked to me that you'd almost never know I'd had a previous c-section because the scar is so minimal. I thank Stephanie for this!


Stephanie is truly a gifted healer.  She does not focus so exclusively on the technical that her abilities to assess her patients gets muddled with pointless information and rules. Her focus on bringing her patients into well being is unbelievable. Her dedication and superior analytical/research skills are woven into her emotional/empathetic practice to create a holistic, precise, gentle and sensitive experience. In being her patient not only was I cured of chronic/severe asthma, allergies, and serious digestive problems, but I also gained an understanding of how to maintain and sustain my good health. Stephanie had a profound effect on my physical, spiritual and emotional health. I could not recommend anyone higher.

Stephanie is absolutely amazing.  She went above and beyond what I expected.  I had never had an acupuncture treatment before so I was a bit nervous.  But, her totally calming, reassuring approach, and immense knowledge made it totally comforting and effective.  She gave me such wonderful advice for my pain and the acupuncture totally helped.  I would highly recommend her to any one who needed help.  She is totally amazing.


I have been bothered by chronic shoulder pain for 20 years. Over the years I sought relief from a variety of professionals with no success. I went to Ms. Propper on the advice of my daughter who Ms. Propper had recently treated. I experienced instant improvement and with a series of treatments I have been asymptomatic for over a year


First, I must comment on the fact that I was not only an hour late for my son's initial appointment with Stephanie, and to make matters worst her husband drove to pick us up because I just was so turned around. Although, our being late was entirely my fault, Stephanie was still calm, relaxed, and extremely professional. She did not rush through my son's appointment and was attentive to his ailments before making an informed dietary regimen. 

Stephanie also lived up to all that I had read from her postings on "Fort Green Babies" - a yahoo group site, to parents' concerns regarding their childrens' health. I had found her advice and detailed recommendations to be very useful for my own son. She was the first person I wanted to meet with in regards to my son's eczema, allergies, and symptoms of asthma before referring to conventional methods. 

I am currently in transition to changing our household eating habits, then I will make a follow-up appointment in a few months. Until our next meeting, Stephanie has been great with sending follow-up email messages concerning recipes and helpful tips.  :-)

P.S. I also recommended Stephanie's services to co-workers and one had her initial session and she LOVED it, acupuncture and all.


I have never done an acupuncture section before. I searched for some in the neighborhood.  I came across different reviews and opinions, and different suggestions.  I made my choice by the words of different people that share their positive experience with Stephanie Propper.
Today, I would like to share with you my experience.


I have been treated with acupuncture sections over two month now, Stephanie is a great listener, very perceptive, and sharp observer.  She understood quickly my situation and expectations, and strait forward with graceful honesty told me in what really we need to work on.  I rarely see such a professionalism in somebody looking for the well being of others, rather to focus in the selfishness of financial progress of the business in itself.  She amazed me since the first day.  I could find relief to all those symptoms in the last trimester of pregnancy, that could get under the skin of even an uncomplaining mom to be!  Stephanie also complements her work with a great knowledge in nutrition!

I hope my words helps to encourage anyone to try out  Propper Acupuncture- that it seems to me like magical.


Stephanie Propper guides the patients to be responsible with their own health, body, and life, and it is very powerful because it's a path that she settles with a lot of sensitivity and compassion. I come from another country and had to face a lot of injuries and difficulties not always easy to describe, but the body talks and as a great doctor, she's able to hear what it says. She's also very devoted to the cause of 'healing', and even when you are sufficiently injuried not to trust anyone, it's really easy to trust someone who is totally benevolent and competent. Thank you!