We reached out to Stephanie for 2 reasons - first to deal with my PUPPP and second to expedite the baby to come along.  She arrived at our home at the scheduled time.  In addition to the acupuncture, she prescribed herbs to help with both of my concerns.  She was able to immediately relieve and reduce some of the itching from the PUPPP and within 18 hours I had a "bloody show" and began to have strong contractions.  Overall, we were extremely pleased to see the quick results and help move our pregnancy along.  We highly recommend consulting with Stephanie for either dealing with PUPPP or helping expedite your delivery!


I started working with Stephanie mid-way through my second pregnancy.  In my first pregnancy I developed Cholestasis, and wanted to do whatever I could to prevent it from recurring (the rate of recurrence is anywhere from 40-90%).  My doula referred me to Stephanie and I am so grateful she did!  Not only did I not develop Cholestasis (which I completely attribute to her work), Stephanie helped in relieving so many of my other pregnancy symptoms.  I would highly recommend her, not just because she is a highly skilled and intuitive acupuncturist, but she has a calming, positive presence.  She attended to my physical and emotional health and provided non-judgmental support and guidance during a stressful time. 


I just wanted to post a shout-out to the world's best acupuncturist, Stephanie Propper. I was at a real low point following my 2 consecutive pregnancy losses. She began coming to my apartment once a week and worked some real magic. She was able to bring my period back in 4.5 weeks following my miscarriage, and I was basically regular by the next month, which is huge, because with my first miscarriage, it took me 8 weeks to get my period. After that, she prescribed me some Chinese herbs, which worked their magic, because I was pregnant within 2 cycles from when I started trying! 

From there, she helped to support the fetal growth, and once that was established, she became an absolute miracle worker with nausea relief and all the pregnancy issues that have come up along the way including placenta previa.

Another huge high point with the acupuncture is that I only got sick ONCE this entire cold and flu season, and I have a toddler! She was also able to help get my foot with plantars fasciitis back in shape. I feel like a truly new person since starting acupuncture, and it is largely due to the work she has done with me, as well as the herbs she has prescribed me. If you've ever wanted to try acupuncture, or if you have something that could be worked on (we all do), have Stephanie come over to your home, and you won't be sorry!


I started working with Stephanie a few months after the birth of my daughter, as I had developed postpartum thyroiditis, carpel tunnel and psoriasis. She was incredibly helpful in relieving my symptoms and working with me to help with the inflammation that my body was experiencing. Her ability to offer home visits is a life saver for any new mom as I didn't have to sacrifice time away from my daughter and I was able to take care of my health and help my body recalibrate. Stephanie was always thoughtful, a great listener, patient and proactive to check up on me to make sure I was feeling well and on my way to improving my health. She was also instrumental in preparing my body for my next pregnancy and has been helping to relieve my nausea, headaches and other pregnancy related symptoms. I'm about to give birth to my second child and know my body and mind are ready thanks to Stephanie. I would highly recommend Stephanie and look forward to working with her for the years to come.


I have been going to Stephanie for what feels like ten years now. She's super intuitive, and so knowledgeable not only about acupuncture and TCM but diet as well.  She's helped me through a myriad of things including regular de-stressing and maintenance AND pregnancy and postpartum care.  She's such a great resource and best of all- she makes house calls! You don't even have to leave your apartment for a session- what could be better when you're 9 months pregnant.


I called Stephanie and left a message about 30 hours after my water broke. This was my first pregnancy, and with no sign of labor (other than the broken waters), I was growing increasingly concerned and anxious that labor would not start on its own, and I would have to abandon plans for a home birth. Stephanie returned my call right away, and said she could come to me later that morning. I was so grateful for her quick reply and willingness to accommodate on such short notice. 


Stephanie arrived right on time, around noon, and made me feel immediately comfortable. As she gave the acupuncture treatment, Stephanie asked gentle questions about me, my pregnancy, family, and any concerns I had. Her questions were wise and the conversation, in combination with the skillful application of acupuncture, was incredibly effective for me; my labor started a few hours later, and our baby was born just before 11pm that night! 


Stephanie is truly a gifted healer. She does not focus so exclusively on the technical that her abilities to assess her patients gets muddled with pointless information and rules. Her focus on bringing her patients into well-being is unbelievable. Her dedication and superior analytical research skills are woven into her emotional, empathetic practice to create a holistic, precise, gentle and sensitive experience.  In being her patient, not only was I cured of chronic severe asthma, allergies and serious digestive problems, but I also gained an understanding of how to maintain and sustain good health.  Stephanie had a profound effect on my physical, spiritual and emotional health.  I could not recommend anyone higher.                        


Last summer I had the worst seasonal allergies ever. I kept taking medication and seeing doctors and getting no relief. I could barely work it was so intense, itchy eyes and rashes all over my body. Finally I started working with Stephanie Propper and following her diet and supplement recommendations I am not on any medications and I am no longer suffering. The restricted diet may seem intense at first but the payoff is well worth it and now I'm used to it. I'm also happy that I'm treating my body so much better and rooting out the illness as opposed to just suppressing symptoms with meds. 


Stephanie came very highly recommended from my doula, Chloe Campbell. I was in a difficult spot: my water had broken and meconium was present, but I wasn't having contractions. Stephanie came to my home within 90 minutes and gave me a powerful acupuncture session. Contractions began 30 minutes into the session and labor progressed rapidly from there. 7 hours later my daughter was born! I credit Stephanie's skills with kick starting the labor and helping avoid a hospital induction.


I hired Stephanie as at 40 weeks my doctor wanted to induce me so I wanted to try acupuncture to see if we could get things moving before my induction date.  I had my first session and had my bloody show almost immediately.  Two sessions later, strong contractions started and I headed to the hospital and gave birth naturally 7 hours after arriving!  I absolutely credit Stephanie's work with my labor progressing the way it did.  She is truly a gifted healer and I recommend her very highly.